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Renovations can be driven by necessity, or a desire to update.  Sometimes the solution can be clear, and other times it requires a very creative approach.  The goal of our renovation projects are to give you a better use of space with new finishes, but also make sure it fits and blends in with your current home.  The key as with all construction projects is a good design, and a good contractor to help you navigate the process.

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Kitchens are generally a central hub in most homes, they are a place for gathering, preparing food, eating, and socializing.  Most kitchen renovations begin with the desire for more work space or more efficient use of space.  There are a lot of new products available for Kitchens in today's market than ever before including indoor garden cultivators, built-in coffee machines, and innovative cabinetry solutions.   A well renovated Kitchen is a beautiful thing not just for you to use, but for your guests to enjoy as well.


Bathrooms are an important feature when it comes to purchasing a home, and so a bathroom renovation will always be a good investment for yourself and if you ever sell your home.  It can be as small as adding a second sink, or replacing your mirrors.  It can also involve removal of walls, re-locating of mechanical items, steam showers, electric floor heat, and custom built closet organizers.  


Transform your cold or dated basement from storage space into a stylish getaway for friends and family to share a glass of wine, a cozy movie night, or the big game with Onyx Custom Homes. With the right insulation and high end finishes, your basement can be a sophisticated extension of your lifestyle- your wishlist is our command.


Life needs space to sprawl and relax, and Onyx Custom Homes specializes in home expansions for reading in your sun-room, working on your latest piece of art in your studio, or welcoming the newest member of your household. Additions often require permits, engineering and exterior work, and the results should look so cohesive with your home that your addition appears to be part of your original build.

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