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Focus, Dedication, and Discipline

You have your choice of builders in Calgary, but very few can guide you through the process in a professional, timely, and positive manner that leaves you happy with the end product, and with the team that built it for you. This is our goal and our drive for every project we are involved in.

The Onyx Difference

Quality Assurance

We utilize a detailed and comprehensive Quality Control sign-off process for all scopes of work involved in your project. By thoroughly evaluating each portion of work as it is completed we ensure things are done as specified and as quoted. Any deficiencies are addressed immediately to eliminate the issue and not compound the problem, saving you time and money.

Attention to Detail

We focus on the little things often overlooked, both in our extensive budgets & detailed specifications as well as in our construction practices.  It’s little things most people would never notice  that can sometimes make a big impact, that’s what sets an Onyx home apart from the rest.  It's also what helps avoid surprise costs and keep things on budget.

Customer Service

We endeavor to make a friend/advocate of every client we work with, happy customers are what defines us and encourages us to continue doing what we do.  We all benefit from clear communication and expectations, as well as a mutual respect.

Skilled Trades

Having been in the industry for almost 2 decades, we have worked with a lot of talented trades people and consider our partners to be among the best.  Not only in quality of work but in value, timing, and service.  Our trade partners are a big part of who you see and deal with, so we take good care in who we work with.

Professional Management

With our small and passionate group you can be sure your investment has the personal attention of the ownership - our success is your complete satisfaction.

Our Specialties

We have a wealth of experience under our belts and are proud to be able to offer to work with you on: Timberframe, ICF (Insulated Concrete Form), Traditional, Modern, Infill, Acreage, and Renovation projects.

Where We Work

Calgary, Okotoks, High River, Airdrie, Banff, Canmore, and more Alberta rural locations

Unique Opportunities

We have creative ideas and projects that can be discussed if Joint Venture opportunities are considered – let us know if you want to discuss this further.

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Our Services
  • Construction Pre-Planning

    • Architectural Design

    • Interior Design

    • Detailed plan review with 6 page checklist, troubleshooting, suggestions

    • Preliminary Budgeting, Take-off Budgeting, Tender Budgeting

    • Land Re-Designation & Permit Planning (Development, etc.)

    • Demolition, Material Testing, Geotechnical


  • Renovations

    • Interior & Exterior Renovation projects

    • Small Projects including bathrooms, decks, etc.

    • Large Projects including additions, full interior replacement, structural alterations, etc.

    • Start to finish Project Management


  • New Builds - Acreages

    • Assistance in locating suitable land for project

    • New construction in rural sometimes remote locations

    • Includes acreage specific factors such as septic system, well tie-ins, service tie-ins, road building and site clearing


  • New Builds – Infill & Inner City

    • Assistance in locating suitable lot or existing home for project

    • New construction in urban sometimes densely populated areas

    • Includes infill specific factors including demolition, asbestos testing and abatement, indemnified service tie-ins, site fencing & shoring, location specific environmental requirements


  • Specialty Projects

    • ICF – Insulated Concrete Form

    • Structural Concrete Slab (Hambro/Comslab/etc.)

    • Timber Frame (both detailed timber elements and full timber structure)

    • Pools, Vacation Homes, Etc. (Infinity Pools, Current System Pools, Integrated Tubs)

    • Living Walls (Green Walls, Green Features)

    • Landscaping (Landscape Design, service planning, full-scale projects)

  • Joint Venture, Creative Project Structuring, & Innovative Financing Solutions

    • Joint venture opportunities for duplex/multi-family projects

    • Assisting in finding and providing the best financing solution for project financing

Our Process

Every project starts with an initial visit and discussion, we want to understand exactly what it is you’re looking to accomplish, what your budget is, what features you’re looking for, timeline you need to be complete by, and what your concerns are.  All very important aspects of the project you are considering undertaking!

We often encourage people at this stage to start collecting images of things they like and want to see in their finished space, this helps us refine things to give you a more thorough idea of what things will cost.



Once we get a good grasp of the project and what you want, we will put together a preliminary budget based on the details you give.  The more detail we have the more accurate we can be with this preliminary number (which is often based on only our wishlist and no blueprints).  This is essential to making sure we are on the same page.



At this stage if you do not have a design already, we will assist you with the completion of the architectural design of your project, from renovations to new builds.  In all cases a detailed set of drawings will be required to obtain the correct permits with the local jurisdiction.  In some cases engineers will need to be involved for a variety of reasons.  Though Onyx Custom Homes does not complete the drawings internally, we still are quite involved throughout the design phase troubleshooting the drawings as they evolve, providing feedback on mechanical details, structural details, and cost saving options.   Detailed planning and review in advance can save surprises or even potential design flaws before they are built.



Once the blueprints are completed and the majority of the construction details have been determined, this is the stage where we complete a full tender out to all trades for all scopes of work involved in your project.  This enables us to provide a final price for the project with all relevant details, and give you a budget you know you can count on to be accurate, thorough, and catered to your needs.  We go through this process to ensure you are getting best value for your investment.  Onyx Custom Homes is able to offer a diverse and often creative way to come up with financing options for your project.


Another often overlooked item is the permitting process that must be followed for each and every project.This is a very detailed and time consuming part of the project that requires review and completion of a lengthy list of permit requirements that need to be accounted for – this includes things like structural engineering, mechanical engineering, envelope engineering, septic system design, and so on.Without the proper experience and documentation the permit process can take a long period of time.


Also during this time you would begin the selection process, you would visit our trade partners/suppliers to review all of the details of your project.Supplier visits would be coordinated by Onyx Custom Homes and would be scheduled in order of importance to the construction timeline.



All of the budgeting, designing, and planning has lead to this!  We are finally in the construction phase of your project and you can see things start to take shape.  From the preliminary items such as garbage bins and site protection, all the way through to the end product and you moving in, Onyx Custom Homes works closely with you the entire way through.  Communication, Selections, and Scheduling are all handled in a cloud-based management tool called Co-Construct, accessible from any computer or mobile device, this helps you to keep up to date and in the loop on all things to do with your project.  


We also have numerous site walk-throughs at different stages of construction to review work in place, and discuss work coming up.  We strongly encourage planning, and  troubleshooting to do things correct the first time and save everyone time, effort, and most importantly money.



For us at Onyx Custom Homes, we hope turning over the project completed and deficiency free to you is just the beginning of our relationship.  We stand by the quality of our work and are still available to help you with any issues that may arise and offer a 2yr warranty on workmanship.  We also want to keep in touch with you to see how you’re enjoying your new space, if there are any challenges you experienced that we can improve on, and if there is anything you would have done differently.  We never want to stop learning and improving and only you can help us do that.

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