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Architectural Styles are an ever changing world of tradition and innovation – finding a great functional design and also loving the way it looks are both important considerations when choosing a style for your new home.   The architectural style of the exterior often carries into the interior as well, maintaining a common theme.  Though there are a myriad of different styles, they can generally be reduced down to either Modern or Traditional.


With flat roofs, long linear planes, and cool & sleek finishes - Modern style architecture has many variations these days and is a very popular design style.  It lends itself more to basic shapes and the "less-is-more" train of thought and typically has a lot of glass and sometimes industrial features.  Finishes typically focus around stucco or architectural panels with decorative metal trims and capping.  There are many adaptations of this modern style; by being applied to and meshed with traditional design the results are often unique and stunning takes on what we have come to expect from a building and a home. Onyx Custom Homes has a genuine passion for this design mindset and has been involved in this type of construction in the past.


Whether its Craftsman, Cape Cod, Prairie, or Rustic – Traditional style architecture has been around  a lot longer than Modern and varies largely based on the area it was originally used.  It features more prominent sloped roofs,  ornate/detailed lines and finishes, and less exterior glass.  Homes of this style generally have more stone and wood elements, and typically use siding or shakes for the exterior.   These homes exude a more inviting and warm look and the use of wood/stone and more detailed trim-work on the interior helps to complete this effect.  Onyx Custom Homes has been involved in numerous homes of this style in the past, they are typically built on larger lots or acreages.

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